How To Clean A Green Pool In 24 Hours

Are you searching for information on how to clean a green pool in 24 hours? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place! This article lists 5 steps to turn your water from green to clear, including how to backwash using a sand filter.

First and foremost, you should no that there is no possible way to clear a green pool in 24 hours without draining and refilling it again. So this article is going show you how to clear up your green pool water, in right amount of time that it takes, which is 4 to 5 days. The green pool cleaning method to keep your water clear as possible all year long is to have weekly or bi-weekly maintenance  done by a pool service company. This ensures that you will never have a green pool again.

Quickest way to clean green pools

The quickest way for you to clean a green poll is to use your pool filter and pool chemicals. This process can take around 5 days, but you will notice a major improvement in just 24 hours.

  1. Remove all the large debris

You will want to check the bottom of the pool for large debris and remove the debris using a leaf net. You may have thought about using your skimmer, but just don’t. You will just stir up the water and make it look much worse than it was originally. Remove the debris as carefully as you can without stirring the water up too bad.

Important – If you can’t see the bottom of your pool, DON’T vacuum it! You risk damaging or clogging your filter, underground plumbing pipes and pool skimmer. [3]

  1. Adjust your chemical levels in your pool.

Adjust your alkalinity and pH levels in your pool by using pH minus, pH, and Alkalinity Plus. The chemical levels will need to be in a certain range or your water will never become clear.

  1. Shock your Pool

Shocking your pool is when you over chlorinate it. You are increasing your chlorine levels by adding five times the amount you would normally use. This kills the bacteria that causes algae which is what makes your pool green. A pool owner needs to be familiar with the process because it is needed for pool maintenance. Not sure how to do it?

Time of Day

The best time to shock your pool is after the sun goes down. Shocking the pool in sunlight will affect the chemical levels and cause some major issues that could cost some money. Shock it right the first time around. Next pick your shock type.

Picking a shock type

You can pick to use powdered or liquid shock. If you select powdered shock, you need to add more water to your pool. For example, for each pound of shock that is used, add 5 gallons of water. Stir the water and shock mixture until there aren’t any granules. The granules can sink to the bottom of your pool and damage it if it isn’t dissolved properly. Liquid chlorine is much easier to use. Just pour it into your pool. Make sure that you spread it around and do not pour it in one location. Do this for a few days until the water goes from green to cloudy white. Then add liquid chlorine to your filtration system to clean it as well. You will notice that the water going into the pool once the filter is on, which helps to spread the chlorine.

Important: Don’t swim in a shocked pool. Wait until the water is completely clear before you ever touch the water. Your water reader needs to be less than 3ppm to be able to swim in the pool.

Add some algaecide

Make sure to add some algaecide to the water to remove the rest of the green algae in your pool.

  1. Let your Sand filter run

Backwashing and sand filtering will be needed to remove the green water as well as contaminants that make it green. Don’t run your filter without backwashing. Green water may clog your filter and backwashing your sand filter is normal, and it would be something that a professional would do to clear your water. There isn’t a think as backwashing too much. The more you backwash, the faster that your pool will become clear.

For a DE filter, you will have to add more DE to your skimmer as close as you can to when you backwash. Run your filter for 24 hours and then backwash the filter at least 4 times during the same day to have faster results. DE filters will clear green pool water 50% faster than an average sand filter.

  1. It’s been 5 days and the pool still isn’t clean.

If you follow these instructions and your pool does not clear up within 4 or 5 days, your filter may not be functioning properly. If this is the case with your pool, have the filter system checked out by a professional. The pool will never clear up if the filter is not working properly.” [2]

You have spent plenty of money at this point and now you have to let a professional deal with it. The pool professional will give you a pat on the back for trying and then clean it how it needs to be done. That is why they are called professionals, as they have the needed experience that is needed to clear dirty pools and green pools.

After Care for your Pool

“Once your pool water is mostly clear, you will begin to notice debris on the bottom of your pool. If there is only a small amount, then just use a skimmer to remove it or use a pool vacuum. If there is more debris than can be handled by a vacuum or skimmer, then call a pool technician to vacuum it out. This will help to save your filter from any major wear and tear and even clogged pipes.” [1]

How to Clean your Green Pool Video

If you have found that you are find a bit of trouble trying to follow the guide, check out this YouTube video that will break down the steps for you and what products to use.

Pool Chemicals and Cleaning Products you Will Need

You want to make sure that you are buying the right pool chemicals and cleaning products that are needed to clear your pool water. You can find them all at a local pool supply store.

  • Powder or liquid chlorine
  • Water testing kit
  • Chlorine tablets
  • Pool vacuum
  • Shock chlorine
  • Algaecide
  • pH chemicals

Enjoy a Clear and non-green pool

We hope that you have cleared your pool, if not don’t hesitate to call a professional that can help you. We hope that you have enjoyed How to Clean A Green Pool in 24 Hours. Stay Tuned for much more helpful cleaning, maintenance and pool tips from the Pool Service Guide.

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